Fred Rist 2017 – RESULTS


No.RiderClassCard 1Card 2TotalPos Sp.Test
1P. JosephChamp class7075th(21 cl)20.25
2M. MortimerChamp class16112721
3MosesChamp class101R/up18.12
6K. BeeneyChamp class1872524
7J. RobertsChamp class6286th21.62
8P. GriffithsChamp classNS
9P. SargantChamp class6174th (24 cl25.92
11M. HawkinsChamp class1331610th22.16
12R. MasonChamp class7121921.55
13C. KochChamp class000Prem15.5
14M. TyzackChamp class140149th19.65
15J. EdmondsChamp class17102722.58
18K. MillerChamp class3033rd20.42
19Gl. SmithChamp class1071720.29
20B. BendallNo award16153121.85
36R. SamwaysChamp class9097th19.94
44J. WaltersChamp class92118th20
4J. CollinsNon Champ Trail Bike class31114222.89
5M.RootNon Champ Trail Bike class2373025.89
10R. MillNon Champ Trail Bike class121133rd20.84
16I. ThompsonNon Champ Trail Bike class65111st26.01
17G. WalkerNon Champ Trail Bike class1972620.66
30C. HarveyNon Champ Trail Bike class41347521.96
31M. WorganNon Champ Trail Bike class24265023.1
32P. HughesNon Champ Trail Bike class21214228.6
33S. WilsonNon Champ Trail Bike class24103423.91
34A. CairnsNon Champ Trail Bike class15122719.94
35S. VennNon Champ Trail Bike class14102422.8
38T. RandallNon Champ Trail Bike classRetRetRet
39J. BendallNon Champ Trail Bike class891721.05
40I. BrookingNon Champ Trail Bike class37266325.96
41N. WorganNon Champ Trail Bike class4151921.3
42J. HustwayteNon Champ Trail Bike classRetRetRet
43N. ChardNon Champ Trail Bike class57RetRet26.36
45R. DeardenNon Champ Trail Bike class3063625.49
46S. HowittNon Champ Trail Bike classRETRetRet25.8
47W. BrownNon Champ Trail Bike classRetRetRet36.32
48S. PearceNon Champ Trail Bike class121132nd( f cl)19.96
49J. AdamsNon Champ Trail Bike class2383127.13
50M. MantNon Champ Trail Bike classNS
51S. WinstanleyNon Champ Trail Bike classNS
21Gr. SmithNon Champinship Enduro class34185224.76
22FisherNon Champinship Enduro classRetRetRet
23P. ElkinsNon Champinship Enduro class44418522.33
24B. LaceyNon Champinship Enduro class38195725.19
25R. FisherNon Champinship Enduro classRetRetRet18.12
26S. PriceNon Champinship Enduro class180182nd20.02
27S. HancoxNon Champinship Enduro class35215620.47
28R. WilliamsNon Champinship Enduro class45378243.89
52L. PhillipsNon Champinship Enduro class56111st16.28
53D. PhillipsNon Champinship Enduro classRetRetRet23.9
29I. WixonNon Champinship Pre 65 class91101st26.05
1st teamChris Koch03rd team Sam Wilson34
Adrian Cairns27CHGSteve Venn24
Steve Pearce13Kevin Miller3
2nd teamGlyn Moses14th TeamPeter Joseph7
Mike Mortimer27Neath BMarcus Tyzack14
Micky Root30John Collins42
5th TeamJohn Bendal17
What you B Bendal31
LikePeter Hughes42


Thanks to all the land owners, riders and observers, staff, that made this event possible.