WSW Centre Championship – Round 7 – Results


Rides : Montesa 4RT 260 2015

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  1. Matthew Lupton says:

    As stated above poor turnout it would be interesting to know why? any feed back on this would be gratefully received.
    This year we tried to add different sections and routs where we could that seemed to be appreciated and something we’ll work hard on doing at all our venues in future.

  2. wthomas040661 says:

    Apologies to Neath MC regarding a couple of the DV riders not turning up on the weekend. Due to circumstances beyond our control we were left with no alternative but to start marking out our next trial at Gould farm, Crynant (holidays, work commitments, house move, illness and land owner permission).
    We would have much preferred to have been with your guys but we only have a very limited amount of foot soldiers and have to mark out when majority are available.

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